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Accounting ,Inventory Management  and Billing is the back bone of any business.Use of computer software helps to maintain accounts and stock efficiently ,effectively and accurately.Billing is another area where use of software reduces errors and saves time.

There are many accounting software and software vendors in the market .It is very essential to choose the right vendor and software for your business.There are many factors to be considered while choosing the software and the vendors like,proper training ,proper support system,price,expertise of the vendor,trustworthiness of the vendor etc.Business people are suffering due to wrong selection of the software and  software vendor.They are not getting proper training and support from the software vendor as a result the business people are hopping  from one software vendor to another software vendor in search of getting the appropriate solution and services.

Computerised accounting,billing and stock management has become the need of every business.Selecting and implementing the appropriate   software for the business  is a daunting task for small and medium sector businesses.Majority small businesses lack the expertise to select and implement the right softwatre.

Realising the need and requirement of small businesses we initiated the service to provide efficient,cost effective  computerised accounting ,billing and stock management solution.We provide appropriate software and consulting on computerising the accounting ,billing and stock management  system of small and medium sector businesses.

www.softhubnepal.com is a platform conceptualised by Sourya Digital Biz Solutions Pvt.Ltd to provide cost effective computerised accounting , inventory management and billing solutions to small and medium sector entreprises.

 Our Computerised accounting solutions include consulting on selection and installation of appropriate software for the businesses.We provide softwares according to the businesses  needs and their specific requirements.We believe in providing solution to the business needs rather than only the softwares.

we provide BOOK KEEPER APP ,an accounting application ready to be used in desk top as well as mobile,for businesses who are required to keep accounting record only. BOOK KEEPER APP   is  very easy to use accounting software which can be used in desktop,laptop,tab and mobile as well.It can be easily downloaded from   www.meroaccountant.com or  www.softhubnepal.com and installed in just five minutes.Furthermore data can be shared across devices.Moreover it is very cost effective.The price of BOOK KEEPER APP  in Nepal is  just NRS 4800 for yearly plan.(can be used for one year ,need to renew every year with the same price).Additional device for the yearly plan of BOOK KEEPER APP costs NRs 1100 only. The BOOK KEEPER APP has another cost effective plan called "LIFE TIME PLAN"(For 10 years) which costs NRS 15000  and can be used for the whole ten years.The cost of additional device of BOOK KEEPER APP is just NRS 4800.The additonal device can also be used for 10 years.

BUSY ACCOUNTING SOFTWARE  is another software which can be used for accounting as well as tax billing.BUSY ACCOUNTING SOFTWARE is certified by INTERNAL REVENUE DEPARTMENT of Nepal Gov.(This is an IRD certified software which can be used for tax and VAT billing).The price of  BUSY ACCOUNTING SOFTWARE depend upon the version required.This software can be downloaded from www.meroaccountant.com or  www.softhubnepal.com

ACME INFINITY JEWELLERY SOFTWARE is  a very  easy to use  Jewellery Software  for Jewellery business.It can be used for retail jewellery shop,wholesale jewellery shop as well as Jewellery manufacturing.It fulfills almost 90% requirement of the jewellery shop.It is IRD CERTIFIED JEWELLERY SOFTWARE used for sales,sales order processing, jewellery maintenance, tax billing and complete inventory  management with barcode feature.It has feature like stock management,karigar accounts management,customer management,billing and more.ACME JEWELLERY SOFTWARE  is  one of the leading and popular Jewellery software in Nepal.You can contact at 9849135435/9801155435  for demo and trial installation.